Adsense Approval Guide: Tricks To Get Easy and Fast Approval

Tired of getting rejected again and again by Google Adsense?? Want adsense approval fast and easy for your blog on WordPress or blogger?

In this adsense approval guide I have discussed how you can get easy and fast approval with step by step guide.

This guide is for everyone be it a absolute beginner or for someone who has little knowledge. I have also added list of questions peoples ask me everytime on Quora in the FAQ section. Hope this guide will help. If you have any query or got struck at point let me know in comments.

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What is Google Adsense?

Step by step guide for adsense approval.




So are you tired of getting rejected again and again? Missing out potential income from your visitors.

I will be sharing my exact strategy or plan on how I got my Adsense approval for 2 of my niche sites.

What is Google Adsense?

Google Adsense is basically a platform for publishers and content creators to monitize thier blog or YouTube channel and let them earn money.

Google Adsense put thier ads on your blog or video and you get paid for the clicks on the ads and sometimes impressions.

Now before showing the ads you have to get your website approved.

Approval is not that easy and not that hard. If you follow some basic steps you will definitely get it.

Step by step guide for adsense approval.

1. You must have a website with a custom domain.

You need to have a website with a custom domain (preferred). You can use any platform be it a WordPress or a blogger.

Before starting the blog decide in which language you want to start a blog.

Here is the list of supported languages by Google Adsense.

2. Use a reliable hosting.

This is very important. You need to ensure that your hosting is not down. Adsense will throw an error if your website will be down.

I recommend hostinger for beginners. It’s affordable fast and have low down time.

Learn why Hostinger is Best Hosting For Beginners.

3. Use a responsive and mobile friendly theme.

Your theme should be responsive and mobile friendly theme. Don’t use that old school 2010 theme. There are many theme available in the market today both free and paid.

4. Customize the theme properly.

The next step is to customise the theme properly. Make proper navigation and customise header and footer. Remove all the unnecessary things for the theme.

If you will miss this step you will “Site under construction error”.

5. Creating awesome content

Next step is to create awesome content. It will decides your fate of getting approval.

Creating content is very easy. You need to consider just few things and avoid few things that I have discussed below and you will be ready.

6. Things to consider while writing blog post.

✓ Write unique and quality content

✓ Blog post should be atleast 600 words long and you must create 20-25 of them.

✓ Use relevant images. Don’t just fill your post with it.

Related Resource: Image SEO: Optimise your images for better performance search engine ranking.

7. Avoid these common mistakes

× Don’t copy content or translate content or spin content from another site.

× Don’t use copyrighted images. You can get free images from pixabay and pexels.

× Don’t write content on any illegal activities.

8. Create these important pages.

Create a about us, contact, privacy policy and disclaimer page.

Provide authentic information about your blog and about yourself.

9. Submit your website to search console

Make sure you submit your website to search console and get all your post indexed.

Use request indexing feature (currently down now) to index them quickly and also submit the sitemap.

10. Apply on adsense

You are almost done now. Go ahead and apply and wait for the good news.

Here are the list of some frequently asked questions regarding adsense approval.


How much days it takes to get adsense approval?

It depends on many factors. It may take up a day to weeks.

Can I get adsense approval on blogger?

Yes. You can get adsense approval on blogger. I recommend you to get a custom domain.

Will I get adsense approval without a custom domain?

Yes but it will take very much time. It is recommended to buy a custom domain.

Is there any traffic requirement for adsense approval?

No. I have got adsense approval without any traffic on my blog. What they see is content.

Can I get adsense approval on .xyz extension?

Yes. Adsense does give approval on .xyz extension.

Can I get adsense approval on .in extension?

Yes you can get approval in .in extension.

Can I get adsense approval on free domains like .tk .ml?

No. These are considered as spammy domain extensions.

Best blogger theme for adsense

There are many. But for your ease I have listed theme here


So this is my guide on getting Adsense approval for your next blog or niche site.

I don’t think you will find difficult getting adsense approval from now. If you had any queries left do ask in the comments below. I will try my best to answer you all.

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Adsense Approval Guide

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