Does blog commenting still works in 2020?

Blog commenting used to be a link building strategy. Back in 2010, these used to be an excellent link building technique.

People used this technique extensively, and this started ranking manipulation.

Yes, that started to happen. Backlinks are ranking factors. That caused ranking manipulation, and soon Google noticed it.

How do blog commenting works

It’s simple as it sounds. Go to a blog type a comment add your name and your email and your website address and this way you got your backlinks.

Knowing or unknowingly people’s are doing it in large scale. Just go to a popular blog and open up a article. You will find hundreds of spammy comment backlinks.

You will be surprised to know that there are some .edu and .gov website that allows comments on

Does this works in 2020?

The straight answer is no. It doesn’t work in 2020. This is a proven fact.

Many newbie bloggers commit this mistake of wasting time on commenting on a lot of sites in the hope of getting a backlink that would push their post rank up.

But they don’t know the fact that this doesn’t work. Why? Let’s know

Why does it not work?

Google started paying little to no attention to blog commenting links. Why?

Because people started doing it massively. People used to go to a blog and comment on it. And bang, you got a backlink. Back then, it was that easy.

Now all the links you will get are purely no follow that add little to no value to your ranking. No, follow backlinks adds value to your site when it came from an authentic source.

It would be more useful if you got through the content. The next thing is that you will realize that the blog post is filled with links. That, too, decreases its value.

Links mentioned in the contents are more likely to indexed earlier by google rather than being listed on the bottom of the page.

Even if google crawlers identify your link, they will ignore it. Because that page is solely for building links, and this is what Google doesn’t love.

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Also, another reason you should not create these types of backlinks because many people may find your site, and they can spam your site as well. You will end up losing your hosting resources.

Many SEO experts say that you should not build those links that you don’t have control over it. That’s true. Because may google flag the post on which you created your backlink as spam, then your site will also get harmed.


Finally, the conclusion is that blog commenting doesn’t work at least in 2020. It would be working in 2010, but time has changed the Google algorithm has changed a lot.

Google doesn’t want any unwanted favor that would push your ranking up and give you an unwanted favor.

You should not work for it and waste your time. Rather than work on your content and give it proper time. If your content is good, you will automatically start getting backlinks.

Does blog commenting still works in 2020

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