How to create sitemap on your WordPress website

In this guide I will walk you through the basics, use and importance of sitemap plus I will also help you create a sitemap site using your seo plugin (Yoast SEO, Rank Math) and a specific plugin for WordPress and without plugin method.

Table Of Content

What is a sitemap

Use of sitemap

Why it is important

How to create sitemap( Plugin Method)

  1. Yoast (Both Free + Premium)
  2. Rank Math
  3. Google XML Sitemaps

Creating a sitemap without plugin

How to add them to search console

What is a sitemap

Sitemap is simply a file that has all the links to be indexed of various types like pages post and categories.

Use of sitemap

Submitting the sitemap helps the search engines to quick see and index those pages.

This is very much helpful for big dynamic and e-commerce site to index those pages or post quickly.

Why it is important?

It is very important as it would have search engine to crawl through deeper pages.

Crawlers might only identify those surface pages so these sitemap comes very handy and tell the site engine that “Hey you need to look at this page/post as well”.

How to create a sitemap (Plugin Method)

1. Yoast SEO Plugin

Go to your admin dashboard and you will see SEO option. Tap on click and click general.

Then you will see a option XML sitemap. Make sure it is checked.

Now click on that question mark sign. That will take you to the XML page ( it’s url will be where various types of sitemaps will be there.

You have to just copy the main url that is

Now you can submit it to the search console.(Go to that section)

2. Rank Math Plugin

Go to your admin dashboard then choose Rank Math then go to general settings.

Scroll down and you will find the sitemap option. Turn it on.

Then tap on settings. (Alternatively there is another tab for sitemap in rankmath dashboard).

You will see your sitemap url.

3. Using an external plugin (Google XML Sitemap)

I prefer using external plugin than depending on my SEO plugin.

BTW there was some sitemap issue past some updates so you can try this to avoid any future problems.

Go to plugins then add new and search for Google XML Sitemap (direct link) .

Please turn off the sitemap options if you are using any of the seo plugin.

Go ahead and activate the plugin and then go to settings then XML Sitemap and leave all the settings to default.

You will find your XML sitemap url. Copy that URL.

Creating a sitemap without a plugin(not recommended).

For any such reasons if you want to create a sitemap externally then this method is for you.

I don’t recommend this method as you have again and again update the new file via ftp.

Still of you want to create them let’s see how we can do this.

Go to Feed your website url.

Then it will fetch all the url and will create your sitemap. Then the process will be completed. Tap on view sitemap details.

You will see the option to download.

Download and upload to main folder (in public_html folder) via cPanel or FTP.

How to add sitemap to search console.

Make sure you had already set up search console. If not follow this guide on how to set up search console.

Go to sidebar then tap sitemap.

Go ahead and add url of the sitemap that you have got from above step.

Then you will see the success method and you are done.


So in this guide you have learnt about site map, it’s importance, how to create a sitemap and finally to add them to search console.

How to create sitemap on your WordPress website

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