How to hide WordPress login dashboard

WordPress being the world most used cms platform is vulnerable to many hackers. There are numerous of ways your website may get hacked.

Some reasons includes using nulled or cracked themes. I would suggest you to stop doing it right away. Exposing your WordPress login dashboard to anyone can also be threat to your website.

Default WordPress Dashboard

Default WordPress dashboard is the one you get when you install WordPress. It is or

Why you need to hide WordPress default WordPress

Exposing your WordPress login dashboard means you are giving a opportunity for brute force attack.

Brute Force means a attacker or hacker who wants to get access of your site tries many login and password combination until they succeed. Here is what

How to hide and redirect the default dashboard to home.

For this purpose you will require 2 plugins and the good thing is both comes with no cost.

1. WPS Hide Login (free)

2. Redirection (free)

Now after installing this plugin let’s get into step by step guide to hide WordPress login dashboard .

Hiding your WordPress login dashboard

1.Install WPS Hide Login and activate the plugin.


2.Go to setting and you will find WPS hide login options.


3.In the configuration page you will find 2 options.

Let’s see what are those two options.


a. Login URL

This is the URL what you wanted to be your login page url.

b. Redirection URL

This is the URL which will a visitor will see if they visit your site default dashboard login.(ex: will be redirected to

4. Set your desired URL


It is always recommend to change the values. Use combination of alphabets special characters (- and _ only) and numbers.

Note: Don’t put any url that is easy to guess like your site name or sitename1234 . These are very easy to guess.

You can keep redirection url to anything as we are going to redirect it to the homepage.

5. Click save changes and your are ready

Redirecting to homepage

A blank 404 page never looks good. Right? Also it gives wrong expression to users and obviously search engines.

How to get rid of that?. Its easy and just requires some easy step.

1. Install redirection plugins ( It’s Free)

Go to tools then redirection


2. Setup Redirection Plugin

Here is the complete guide on What is redirection and how to setup Redirection Plugin (Complete Guide)

3. Click Add new


4. You will see two forms


a. Source URL
The url of your site that you wants to redirect from

b. Target URL

The url of your site that you want your visitors to see when they try to access wp-login.php

Generally people redirect it to their homepage. You can select any if you want.

5. Click Save and Done

Now if anyone try to open the default login page they are going to be redirected to your homepage.

In this way you have hidden your login dashboard and redirected it to your homepage.


Whether your a big e-commerce giant or a small blog site you should always consider the security.

Here in this article about hiding your WordPress login dashboard I had talked about one of the way you can make your site secure.

Hope you liked the article. Share with your friends. If you have any query regarding this article kindly comment down below.

Hide WordPress login Dashboard

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