Image SEO: Optimise your images for better performance search engine ranking.

Images increases engagement to the site. Am I right?

Can you imagine a site without images? It’s looks ugly and soon your visitors will become bored.

I am not saying to bomb your articles with too many images which will make your visitors exhausted by scrolling. Just add relevant images.

Adding images increases the attention to the articles and more likely to convert. But wait just adding images won’t do good. You have to optimise it properly. There comes into play of Image SEO

Optimising image requires two parts

Optimising for faster load speed.

Page speed score is definitely a ranking factor. These days sites contains a lot of images to increase user engagement

Using a lot of images definately increase the page size. We can reduce it get higher speed and reduce the site page size.

Firstly try to use a new gen image formats like webp. Webp provides better compression both lossy and losseless with relatively small size.

Webp also supports transparent background. But there’s a problem.

According to a report only chrome and opera support webp images and that accounts for just 63% users. Means you will be missing your traffic from Safari browser.

To fix this problem you can use optimised jpeg images.

Let know how to compress image to reduce it’s size

There are many online free tools to optimise and compress you images


This is my first choice to optimise my images. This tool is from the developer of google.

Optimising image with this tools is very easy.

Go to

Grab your images and you got your image compressed.

One of the best free image compressor in the market. Very easy and simple steps are required .

Go to

Then tap choose image and then choose your files

At the top right you will find the reduction in the size of the file. Tap compress now

Now you will find your compressed image file. Download it into your system.

3. Tiny Png (for png) or Tiny jpg (for jpg).

Want to optimize image on the go? Upload upto 20 images at once and compress them and download into your device.

They also have popular cms integration such as WordPress and magneto. Tiny png also have paid plans which will extend its features.Op

Otimising for search engine.

Type a keyword and you could find a lot of images. They are ranking for that keyword. How?

Because they are optimised for it.

It requires just two simple steps.

Firstly rename your image file as your desired keyword that you want to target.

Secondly and most importantly assign you image alternative text. It serves two purposes : Required for structure element and also provide the info to the user if the image is not visible for any reason.

Also if someone search for that keyword in image you goona have your images ranked and high chances of getting conversion.

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Images are one of the crucial element for the web pages today. Optimising them required a few minutes or so and they surely worth it. Increase page speed and ranking. So you should definitely do that.

Optimise Image

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