How to get SSL certificate for free:Cloudflare free SSL guide

Do you want SSL certificate for free?Here is the step by step guide to get SSL certificate for your WordPress or any other CMS platform for free.

Pls note that you should be on shared hosting environment. It will demonstrate this on cPanel and hostinger hpanel.

What is SSL?

SSL is used for security. It enables secured encrypted network between the user and the server so that no third party can read the data. Known More.

Earlier SSL used to be mandatory for e-commerce website or those which includes data storage or payments. But now every website should have a SSL certificate as it increases the trust factor.

In 2021 your hosting should give you a SSL certificate (BTW checkout my hosting recommendation). But if your hosting is not providing them, Don’t worry I am here to help.

What all you need?

  • Cpanel or hpanel or any other will work
  • Cloudflare account (Free will work perfectly fine)

SSL For free

There are basically two methods

Easy method : No configuration(not recommended)

This method will give you a basic SSL certificate. It will encrypt the data between the user browser and cloudflare. The data between the cloudflare and your origin server will be remained unencrypted.

Pro (Little configuration)

It encrypts end to end so full security. It requires little configuration that may be overwhelming for newbies but believe me it’s very simple and just follow my steps.

Easy Method

Go to cloudflare and go to SSL/TLS tab and tap on Flexible. Go just got a free SSL certificate.

Now if you want full security then go ahead and follow the pro guide.

Pro Guide : Configuring Cloudflare Full(Strict) for free

Please follow step by step. A single mistake will make your site inaccessible.

Step 1:

Cpanel Guide:

Go to your cPanel. Then go to SSL/TLS tab.

In the right hand menu under “Install and Mange SSL” tap on “Manage SSL sites”

Choose your domain and you will see three tab :

  1. Certificate
  2. Private Tab
  3. CABundle

hPanel Guide :

For Hpanel the procedure is same as well. Go to your hosting then SSL and then import SSL. Here you will have to choose the domain in which you want to install SSL and you will see the same three fields.

Let’s gets these from cloudflare.

Go to cloudflare account then SSL/TLS Tab

Then go to Origin certificate tab and tap and “Create Certificate”

Leave everything to default and you can set validity ranging from 7 days to 15 years. I recommend getting it for 1 year.

Then tap on create.

You will get 2 codes. One of origin certificate and another of Private key.

Now go to hPanel or Cpanel and paste Origin Certificate and private key in their respective fields.

For CABUNDLE go to this cloudflare page and scroll to bottom you will see the Cloudflare Origin CA. Expand and copy the RSA root and paste it in CABUNDLE field.

Then tap install SSL.

Go back to SSL tab and choose Full Strict.

Finally you have got a free and completely secure SSL from Cloudflare.


Every website should have a SSL certificate. I have discussed two ways. Although I recommend the second way. Please let me know in comments if you have any query.

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