Top 5 Adsense banner size to maximize your earning

Even wondered how can you increase your Adsense earning and earn the maximum from your potential traffic.

Well in this article I will guiding you to how can you boost your adsense earning by choosing the best performing and high converting ads banner sizes.

How choosing the right ads banner size helps?

Choosing the right ads banner size and displaying them at correct place is most essential factor to boost your income as it may lead to high conversion.

Before placing ads you need to think from the perspective of a reader. If you place ads too much then that will definately irritate them.



Also if you place big ads for mobile visitors they definately gonna leave your website. So you have to think about them also.

So finally lets see what are those adsense banner size.

Facing problem in getting a adsense approval? Here is my detailed guide on Adsense approval.

Top 5 Banner Size

1. Leaderboard Banner Size (728×90)

It is one of the biggest ads size in Adsense and is generally placed at top of the page.

I personally recommend you to disable this ads on a mobile and tablet device.

You can easily do this by using Adinserter plugin. Here is our guide on Adinserter Plugin.(Coming soon).

2. Medium Rectangle (300×250)

It is one of the famous and widely used Adsense size.

You can expect high conversion from this banner size. You can use these types of banner in all types of devices.

These ads size usually fits anywhere. Its ideal to place between the paragraph and in sidebar.

3. Large Rectangle (336×280)

Same as medium rectangle this is also high converting banner size.

It’s best for both mobile and desktop devices. Ideal placement is between the post,end of the post and sidebar.

4. 300×600 Ad unit

This ad generally works well for desktop device and you should hide them for mobile devices.

This ad takes very much space thus it is ideal to place in sidebar.

5. 320×100

If you are getting traffic highly from mobile (>70%) then you will definitely try this ad unit.

This ad unit works very well for mobile devices and are very likely and convert.

Being compact in size it usually do not hampers the user experience.




So to maximize your adsense earning what you have to do is placing the right size ads at correct place. This the lost of high performing ad banner size.

Facing problem in getting a adsense approval? Here is my detailed guide on Adsense approval.

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