Why you should not use nulled themes and plugins.

WordPress is most popular CMS system with a market share of atleast 30%. Being user friendly and most importantly free makes its the first choice for building a website.

Absolutely no coding required to build with this. But you require Themes and plugins to give a nice look to your website and to add more functionality to it.

There are many free themes and plugins. Apart from it there are paid themes and plugins as well that give more customisation dedicated customer support for solving issues.

What some people do is they modify the source code avail these premium items to everyone for free.

Using these modified version of items is one of the major reason of getting website hacked.

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In this article I am going to share my views and some serious issue that you might be inviting by using these items and what could be the possible alternative.

What are nulled themes and plugins?

These are the modified version of the premium themes and plugins that are available for free.

Well there is a point of argument that almost all the theme and plugins comes with GPL licence so they can freely redestribute it.

Most of these files comes with malicious lines of codes that may harm your website in some or other ways

But wait a normal WordPress user cannot detect these malicious codes.

Why you should not use nulled themes and plugins?

1. Security Issues

There may be some malicious code hidden in the plugin file that you may never know.

They can cause serious threat to your sites like unauthorised access or your website being redirected to another source.

No only your site using such themes and plugins will be affected your other sites and other websites may also get affected if you are on shared hosting.

2. No updates

You will once get a file and done. You won’t be getting any future updates as you don’t own a license.

There may be some serious Security patch in latest update and you would never know about it and you have left your website with a great threat.

Also future updates also comes with new PHP version compatibility. This means that you will creat your own bottleneck and slowing down your site .

3. No support and documentation

You will get absolutely no support for these items. If you got struck at any point there would be no one to help you.

Also you may not be able to get documentation which is important to troubleshoot and to discover features.

4. Piracy

How would you feel that you craft or create something by putting a lot of effort teamwork and your precious time and some one just steal it away? You will feel bad right.

Exactly this happens with the developer. It requires a lot of effort to build these premium templates theme and plugins.

5. No support to developer

Theme developer and it’s company comes in great loss. It requires a team and much effort and money to build these items.

A lot of precious time is put to get these items and they have to test it and fix it and again work for new version. They also have to pay their team support themselves hire support agents and many more.

What should you do if you don’t want to use these nulled files.

Now you want to give your website a premium look but cannot afford these premium items.

No worry there are tons of free items available in the WordPress Repository. Also some of themes and plugins are freemium means you could use these items with limited customisation.

Themes like Astra Generatepress Neve OceanWp are available absolutely for free. Elementor also gives its premium version but it’s free version is also available that will help you get started.

Though limited customisation available still a better way to get started.

If you can’t afford a premium plugin look for a free alternative. They are many. But paid ones are always better and give you a lot of features.

That’s all for this post. Hope you have liked it. Share with your friends and if you have any query comment down below.

Why you should not use nulled themes and plugins.

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